15 years of Infigo IS

In the midst of the pandemic, busy with work and obligations, we have turned 15 years old! There were no parties, celebrations, baccalaureates of any kind, just a quiet moment of contemplation

Matter of fact, it happened a few weeks ago, but we were swamped with work (as in every last quarter), and we pushed it to the side. If it wasn't for the global pandemic, we would organize a big celebration for all our friends and business partners, but with things how they are, it would be a really bad idea, and we are not a bad idea people.

We did reminisce about our start 15 years ago, when Infigo IS was conceived as exclusively an infosec consultancy, but it turned out it was tough to pay bills with only that. Luckily, we started with Splunk consultancy, and our clients were so satisfied with our work that they wanted us to do integration as well. So we did!
It took us a few years to get out our first software product, and then we decided it was time for true growth, and we never stopped – every year we're growing for more than 50 percent, without error, in all the important metrics, from number of employees to profit.

Our latest big adventure is MSSP – Infigo MSSP and Infigo FRAML are two big services we have invested a lot of time and money, and they will become important branches in Infigo's growth in the near future.
And so, until the pandemic is contained, we are in purely business mode, but when we will be able to gather as people once again, there will be a party! Unless this is all a long introduction to the apocalypse, then we are not sure when we will see each other...