Business Intelligence & Analytics

Let the data guide you

There is a difference between Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics that everybody agrees with – BI is used to get actionable insights from your data, to see what is happening now and why is it happening, to give you context around your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and to put all of that in nice visualizations. Analytics, on the other hand, is used to build a model of something that can help you predict the future.

A lot of companies are doing one or another, but we at Infigo IS believe that you have to have both. BI and analytics come from data, and we are experts in data gathering, transformation, enrichment, and visualization.

Although we started as a security information company, we employ data scientists and mathematicians, plus domain experts from a number of industry sectors. That enables us to guide you in building meaningful reporting, setting your KPI's, and giving you visualization dashboards that will make sense of the vast amount of data that your business generates.

When it comes to analysis, we use data together with machine learning to make models that can predict future results. It does sound a little abstract so here is a high-level overview of one real world model we have made – a company was producing a chemical product that had a lot of steps and it took a long time. They had to test the product every so often to see if the process is going in the right direction (that took time and money), but they also had thousands of sensors that delivered a large amount of data in real time. We used that data to build a model that predicted how the product will turn out without the need for constant testing thus saving time and money on a large scale. And that is the beauty of business analysis in the right hands.

How much data can you handle?

How much data do you have? For more than a decade we have been working with Splunk, a big data platform. We have engineered systems that can ingest gigabytes of data per day, made data models from an incredible amount of data, connected thousands of devices with tens of data producing points (in real time), handled giant complex searches... There is basically no limit in scaling so we can handle any amount and any kind of data you have. Of course, we don't handle just the volume but velocity and variety as well.

Use your data to form better business decisions

Anything is possible with intelligence & analytics

We can't tell you how to run your business, but we can help you in getting more insights into how your business is performing and why is it performing that way. From risk to pure operations with smart usage of business intelligence & analytics, you can get everything you need for making better, more informed business decisions.

With business intelligence, you will be able to track how your business is doing in key areas, and with analytics, you will get the chance to see what lies ahead. A combination of both will keep your business healthy and the competition lagging behind.