Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

What is it?

Infigo Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) is designed to help organizations get top-notch security without having to invest in building their own Security Operations Center. The world is currently short of four million security experts, and every year the gap between what the world needs, and what the world has is growing wider. And IT security experts aren't easy to train in a short time, at least not quality ones.

So, building your own SOC is hard, sometimes almost impossible, and quite expensive. But on the other hand, there is a daily rise in cybercrime, and the trends show it will only be worse. In the end, it turns out many organizations are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Infigo Managed SOC aims to help organizations by outsourcing security operations to us. With our more than 15 years of pure IT security focus, with tried and tested procedures, with countless projects in security from implementation, over consulting, to penetration testing, we are perfectly positioned to protect organizations of any size.

We have built our SOC with robust technology based on Splunk, so we can ingest an almost unlimited amount of events, we have three tiers of SOC analysts working 24/7/365, we have competencies and certificates that prove we are a top security company, and a long, long list of satisfied clients.

Quick Overview

Key Benefits

Calculable expenses

Managed SOC is a utility – you pay what you use and nothing more; you don't pay for underutilized servers, you don't have costly, and extremely hard to find, on-premises experts on your payroll.
Your expenses are easy to calculate – everything else, from deployment to everyday operations is our problem, and that is the problem we have solved long ago.

Help with compliance

Regulatory or any other kind of compliance can be a big problem for every industry and failing to be compliant can lead to steep fines or other unwanted consequences. Reporting that SOC provides, fully modifiable for different industry sectors, can prove to regulatory bodies you are in full compliance or expose areas that need more work before any sort of penalty happens.

Mitigating security risks

Even the tiniest bit of data in your information system is vulnerable to external, but also internal, threats. Infigo Managed SOC helps you with keeping total visibility of your system, track threats before they manifest, and do swift forensic work in case of a security incident. SOC ensures your defenses keep evolving just as fast as threats so you always have top notch security.

With Infigo Managed SOC everybody can have complete security

How does that all work?

The process is simple and straightforward – since Infigo IS has more than a decade of implementation experience that gives us the ability to start with security events monitoring within two weeks from kick-off, and we can deliver the service within two months! Of course, it depends on the organization, but with our procedures, we make the onboarding process as painless as possible.

On the technical front, we install lightweight agents (they have a negligible effect on system performance) that are sending events to our SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) that through a series of complex scenarios correlates what the events mean – not all events are security events, and not all security events are security incidents.

If there is a security incident, then it is shown to our analysts – we only get alerts, not raw data because that wouldn't be a smart security choice. Our tier 1 SOC analysts do response and triage, and in case of a more serious problem, they escalate the situation. That is where our tier 2 SOC analysts come into play – they can connect to the client's system, but only to the specific component, and expand their investigation. And in the case of a really big problem, tier 3 SOC analysts take over and do a complete forensic investigation and help with problem remediation if there is a confirmed security breach.

Are organizations allowed to know what is going on?

The client always has the ability to connect, through a web-based GUI (Graphic User Interface), to SOC management console, plus we regularly deliver reports and extra reports if there is a confirmed security incident. It is the client's right to know what is happening with their system.