Infigo IS advises ViK Split in the field of cyber security

Water supply and sanitation (ViK) Split is implementing a program to strengthen its cyber protection funded by European Union; in accordance with the NIS Directive, it will bolster resistance to cyber-attacks, ensure business continuity, risk and incident management, procure hardware and software, and conduct educational activities for the staff. ViK Split will complete the project by the end of next year, and it should be noted that they are the first utility company in Croatia to apply for, and receive, European funds for a cybersecurity project.

Infigo IS, a consulting force that it is, has signed a contract with ViK Split where it will conduct a risk assessment, deal with business continuity, and staff education. Our member of the Board, Saša Jušić, was at the signing of the contract and talked about the dangers of doing business in today's networked world. As a man with a long consulting career, Saša has so far had the opportunity to lead a number of European companies through compliance with various regulations, but also help with operational problems that organizations encounter.