Infigo IS at conference F2 – Future of Fintech

Our fraud consultant and product manager Davor Maric gave a lecture at fintech conference F2 – the topic was money laundering and fraud

Last week we took part in a two-day conference F2 – Future of Fintech; our Davor Maric gave a lecture entitled "Managing AML and Fraud risks in FinTech". As the title suggests, the lecture focused on managing the risks of money laundering and fraud, and the way to do it is simple – Infigo FRAML (FRaud and Anti-Money Laundering). Our modular solution is capable, from a single data set, of fighting on two fronts, especially since those two fronts are often intertwined.
Of course, things below the surface are much more complex because while one data set is enough, we offer data enrichment with external sources or data from other departments inside the financial institution to make the whole system as efficient as possible.

As we just had entered a new wave of lockdown the number of attendees was almost reduced to zero so the conference was held with lecturers in one place. Visitors were able to follow video streams, and we present Davor's lecture lasting just over 23 minutes. If you've ever wondered what problem is fintech facing and how to solve them, this lecture is for you.